Fujitsu fi-7160



fi-7160 - 600 dpi, 60ppm / 120ipm, A4, LCD, 2x CCD, USB 3.0, 4.2kg


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Smoothly scan batches of documents quickly and accurately into your business processes

Innovative paper feeding and protection mechanisms ensure
seamless processing

Minimise user interaction through automated hardware and software based image enhancement tools

PaperStream Capture and PaperStream IP for high performance batch scanning
and image enhancement.

Minimal effort with the utmost intelligence, efficiency and reliability
The fast, compact and intuitive fi-7180, fi-7280, fi-7160 and fi-7260 desktop scanners from Fujitsu come well equipped to seamlessly process your documents into the digital world.
- Increase productivity/collaboration/customer satisfaction
- Meet legal and regulatory obligations and disaster recovery objectives
- Save space and money
- Address sustainability management

These are the first desktop scanners in the World equipped with iSOP (Intelligent Sonic Paper Protection); which detects changes in the acoustic noise generated by paper and enhances the paper feeding process. Additionally they feature innovatively developed hardware and software to help augment your daily routines and boost your organisation’s efficiency.

Flexible, out of the box document capture solution
The fi-7180, fi-7280, fi-7160 and fi-7260 are designed to support document capture routines either for knowledge workers or for small workgroups. Easy to set up, use and maintain these robust scanners are built on years of solid reputation and come bundled with a user friendly and intuitive scanner driver PaperStream IP along with batch scanning automation and enhancement software PaperStream Capture.

Hassle free monitoring and administering
Integrated within the operating panel an LCD shows useful information such as current scanner settings, operating status and a paper counter.

The fi-7180, fi-7280, fi-7160 and fi-7260 come with Scanner Central Admin tools that includes functions that system administrators can use to manage the installation and operation of multiple scanners, monitor operation status and update drivers and software from one location. This ability dramatically reduces the cost and work that goes into setting up, operating and maintaining many scanners in an organisation and also in expanding the scanner network to multiple locations.

Intuitive feeding functions offer enhanced operation and continuous uninterrupted scanning
Built on class leading and proven feeding capabilities from predecessor models ensures that the scanning of mixed batches at the desktop is a breeze and helps minimise the pre-processing time required. In addition the fi-7180, fi-7160, fi-7280 and fi-7260 scanners now come with a unique paper protection function that is based on acoustic sensors; iSOP (Intelligent Sonic Paper Protection), which reduces the risk of having documents damaged by sensing the audible noise of paper movements and stopping the feeding of sheets when an irregular noise is encountered. Should you be scanning mixed batches of differing thicknesses of documents then the “skew reducer” reduces the physical skew that documents encounter through the paper path ensuring that each document is captured with the utmost precision and simplicity.
All four scanner models additionally make use of an ultrasonic sensor that accurately detects multifeed errors where two or more sheets are fed through the scanner at once plus intelligent multifeed function that is designed for documents that intentionally feature paper attachments of defined sizes or locations such as sticky notes or photos. The scanner can automatically recognise the location of the attachment and will then exclude that zone
from triggering alert conditions.

Integrated flatbed for even greater scanning potential
The fi-7280 and fi-7260 models feature an ultra fast built-in flatbed
module that enables the scanning of diverse documents types such as
those that may be bound, stapled or delicate.

Fujitsu developed best in class scanner driver and image capturing / processing software.

PaperStream IP – high quality image enhancement
PaperStream IP is the new scanner driver for the fi-7180, fi-7280, fi-7160 and fi-7260 scanners. In addition to being fully compliant with the industry standard TWAIN and ISIS interface, PaperStream IP incorporates as standard, highly sophisticated image processing which automatically applies features such as noise removal , background pattern removal and character
augmentation to produce exceptionally clear, high quality images that are suitable for direct import into the users work flow . PaperStream IP has an intuitive, easy to use interface which can be switched between Administrator or User mode to simplify the scanning process and reduce user error. Additionally PaperStream IP also introduces a new Assisted Scanning mode, which allows the user to visually select the best quality image from a range of images of the page, rather than have to manually fine tune the scanning parameters one by one.

PaperStream Capture – enhanced batch capture
PaperStream Capture is an easy to use capture tool which allows users to easily create batch scanning profiles which encapsulate all of the settings and configuration required to control the scanning process from scan to the release of the image to the users normal work flow.
Once created batch profiles can be run by a single click or can be linked to scanner front panel buttons to streamline the whole capture process.
    Mărimea maximă de scanare216 x 355.6 milimetri
    Rezoluţia optică de scanare600 x 600 DPI
    Scanare colorDa
    Duplex de scanareDa
    Adâncime culoare de ieșire24 bit
    Scanare de filmNu
    Viteza de scanare ADF (b/w, A4)60 ppm
    Viteza de scanare ADF (color, A4)60 ppm
    Viteza de scanare duplex ADF (b/w, A4)120 ipm
    Viteza de scanare duplex ADF (color, A4)120 ipm
    Moduri de culoare la scanarea alb/negruGrayscale, Monochrome
    Tip de scanerADF
    Culoarea produsuluiNegru, Alb
    Tipul de senzorCCD
    Sursa de luminăWhite LED (2x)
    Ciclu de zi cu zi (max)4000 pagini
    Drivere de scanareISIS, TWAIN
    Capacitate de intrare pentru Auto document feeder (ADF)80 foi
    Dimensiunea maximă a hârtiei ISO seria-AA4
    Suprafața minimă de scanare (ADF)50.8 x 54 milimetri
    Greutate medii (ADF) Auto Document Feeder27 - 413 g/m²
    Detecţia Multi FeedDa
    Dimensiuni ISO seria-A (A0...A9)A4
    Interfețe standardUSB 2.0, USB 3.0
    Tipul sursei de energieAC
    Consum de energie (tipic)38W
    Consum de energie (în aşteptare)1,8W
    Consum de energie (off)0,35W
    Tensiunea de intrare100-240V
    Sisteme de operare Windows acceptateWindows 7 Home Basic, Windows 7 Home Basic x64, Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 7 Home Premium x64, Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 Professional x64, Windows 7 Starter, Windows 7 Starter x64, Windows 7 Ultimate, Windows 7 Ultimate x64, Windows 8, Windows 8 Enterprise, Windows 8 Enterprise x64, Windows 8 Pro, Windows 8 Pro x64, Windows 8 x64, Windows Vista Business, Windows Vista Business x64, Windows Vista Enterprise, Windows Vista Enterprise x64, Windows Vista Home Basic, Windows Vista Home Basic x64, Windows Vista Home Premium, Windows Vista Home Premium x64, Windows Vista Ultimate, Windows Vista Ultimate x64, Windows XP Home, Windows XP Home x64, Windows XP Professional, Windows XP Professional x64
    Sisteme de operare pentru server suportateWindows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 x64, Windows Server 2012
    Intervalul temperaturii de funcţionare (T-T)5 - 35 °C
    Umiditate relativă de operare (H-H)20 - 80%
    Certificat Energy StarDa
    Conformitate RoHSDa
    Lărgime30 cm
    Adâncime17 cm
    Înălţime16,3 cm
    Greutate4,2 kilograme
    Pachet softwarePaperStream IP\r\nPaperStream Capture\r\nSoftware Operation Panel\r\nError Recovery Guide\r\nScanSnap Manager\r\nScan to Microsoft SharePoint\r\nABBYY FineReader\r\nScanner Central Admin tools

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Fujitsu fi-7160

Fujitsu fi-7160

fi-7160 - 600 dpi, 60ppm / 120ipm, A4, LCD, 2x CCD, USB 3.0, 4.2kg

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